Institute of Sound Archives activities

Bank of international sound documents

Since Edison's invention of the gramophone in 1877, it has been possible to preserve oral history. The Institute of Sound Archives, first private bank of oral archives, possesses a base of over 200 000 documents in their original version. Enriched daily, the base covers national politics, sport and social events all over the world. Thanks to a simple and user-friendly data base, it can provide detailed references by theme, country, name of orator, special event or even a precise date. The ISA aims to facilitate the consultation and diffusion of its sound capital.

Phonographic Editor

Using previously unedited documents in their original version, the ISA has produced a series of audio CDs, 'the Voice of History', which makes it possible to relive events from the novel angle of listening and with the benefit of hindsight to dream and imagine situations of increasingly complex contemporary history. Through the conception of its work, the ISA seeks to pursue its mission in defence of our sound heritage and historical memory.

" Sound " partner for multimedia projects

The choice of oral documents and of sound quality are essential to the success of a CD or multimedia DVD. The ISA, specialist in this field, participates in the sound packaging of historic and cultural productions.

CD Roms
Elysée 2 (Infotronique), Encarta 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 (Microsoft), Kleio - Encyclopédie du XXème siècle (Havas-Interactive), Le XXème Siècle (Montparnasse Multimédia - Encyclopédia Universalis), L'Encyclopédie (Cliosoft), Le Siècle des Totalitarismes , collection Les Brûlures de l'Histoire (Kuiv Productions)
Encyclopédies sonores
Mémoires du XXème Siècle (Bordas), Mémorial de notre Temps (Bordas), Encyclopédie Sonore (Belin)
Emissions radiophoniques
Là-bas si j'y suis (France Inter)
Documentaires télévisés
Les Fois du Siècle (Kuiv Production)
Films Roger Leenhardt
Emissions en ligne
Les Passagers du Temps (AOL)
Musées, expositions
Média Sénat (septembre, octobre 1998)
Cassettes d'accompagnement pour des revues, magazines
Speak Up Magazine (Rizzoli Agostini)

Digitisation and restoration of old sound documents

Until recently, sound documents were preserved on listening aids which are now surpassed. Whether they were analogical tapes or records, the quality of sound and user facilities were far less than what is now possible with a simple audio CD.

The ISA digitalizes and provides listening aids for old historic documents. We carry out this restoration work on listening material, in particular for old radio programmes belonging to the National Archives Institute.